Wheel Alignment

Our Four Wheel Alignment system is a state of the art, fully computerised unit, using four measuring heads mounted on each wheel. These take your cars measurements accurately and pinpoint even the smallest alignment problem. It is matched to a specialist lift, which allows the car sit absolutely level, to enable us to carry out accurate adjustments.


Do not confuse this system with other common laser alignment systems used elsewhere. There is no comparison between the two. Our workshop has been designed to accommodate this system and we are proud to be able to offer this professional service to our customers.


Our wheel alignment service is so reputable, that body repair experts use our service to align their cars after a crash repair, even though they often have their own systems.


Protect your tyres from premature wear. Rid your car of annoying and dangerous steering wheel pull. Have your steering wheel centred and protect the safety of yourself and others. Use our Four Wheel Alignment service for the very best results.







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