Headlight Alignment

Headlight alignment is one of the most common causes of NCT failure.

If your headlights are too high, they will dazzle oncoming traffic; if they are set too low your line of vision is impaired.

Poor vision due to incorrect headlight adjustment is dangerous and has been the cause of many deaths on our roads.


Your Headlights are important fixtures on your car and should be kept aligned for your safety and the safety of others.

This is why the NCT centres fail cars with poor headlight alignment.


Headlight alignment is so important for your safety, so we are offer our professional headlight alignment service at the best prices in Dublin.


We don't use cheap alignment equipment, as these tend to give erratic readings and the reading needs to be interpreted by the operator often resulting in an NCT FAIL. We use the most up to date computerised alignment equipment, using a laser alignment system that is up to the NCT standard and will give you a printout to show the result of your alignment. We have a 100% pass rate to date using this equipment.







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