Windshield wipers are one of the things often neglected when it comes to vehicle maintenance. Drivers rarely consider changing their wipers unless the rubber splits and trails across windscreen when in use. Wiper blades which are expired do not perform well and lead to poor performance, reduced visibility and over time they can damage the windscreen long before the rubber splits. Perished rubber is more likely to trap small abrasive particles which dull the windscreen from micro scratches.


Renewing your blades should be done when the rubber is no longer soft and flexible. Signs of wear can be seen when the wipers do not fully clean the rain from the windscreen. If the wipers sound noisy, this is very often a good sign to change them, because old blades become rigid and cause more abrasion and more noise when in use.


AutoCare stock premium blades and can have your wipers replaced quickly and at little cost. Left unchecked, old wipers can cause windscreen damage which will fail an NCT and require a replacement windscreen as well as new wipers. You will notice the difference when the wipers are replaced and we recommend doing it annually, or when damaged. Can't remember the last time you replaced the wipers? It's probably time you should. For such a low cost and necessary consumable item, it's worth keeping your wipers in good shape.




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