Light bulbs for your vehicle are not only necessary to pass the NCT, they help you to see and be seen in the day and night. This is why it is so important that your bulbs are working properly and are the right kind of bulb for the car.


Your headlamps are the most critical lighting component and aside from being in good working order and being properly aligned, the lamps are designed to take a specific bulb which could be Halogen, Xenon or LED. Headlight bulbs can have different colour temperatures ranging from Yellow, to White, to Blue. White light with a blue accent is acceptable for headlights, typically up to 6500k colour temperature. Anything beyond this may be deemed not roadworthy.


We carry the most common bulbs in stock for fitting and can advise you about your lights if you have any questions. We advise when replacing a bulb, the bulb on the opposite side should also be replaced because it is likely to fail soon and is best practice. This is most prudent when access to bulb fittings are difficult, requiring the removal of panels or bumper to replace a bulb. We will only replace failed bulbs unless asked to change the set.










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