We are experts in brake repairs


We are equipped to repair all brake faults, including:


● Supply and fit front brake pads


● Supply and fit rear brake pads or brake shoes


● Supply and fit damaged brake discs


● Repair handbrake


● Repair wheel cylinders, brake master cylinders & brake drums





We fix brake imbalance. When your brake pressure is not evenly distributed to all wheels, this usually results in brake pull. Your car pulls to one side when braking and this is very dangerous! Using our rolling road brake tester (as used at the NCT centre), we can make sure your car stops in line and safely.


We repair all brake fluid leaks. We can even make new brake pipes with our specialised pipe flaring and forming equipment .


We can save you money with our state of the art brake lathe. The brake lathe will resurface brake discs whilst still on your car; which means you don't have to spend money on new brake discs, or extra labour to fit them. This machine will help restore your brakes to as new condition and stop any dangerous brake judder, or premature brake wear.


We also have high pressure brake bleeding equipment, so you’ll no longer suffer with soft brakes due to trapped air in your brake system.


We have the electronic equipment required to adjust and fit electronically controlled rear brakes as fitted to most Mercedes, Volkswagen and many other makes.



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Dublin 3


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